Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009 - Where is My Calgon?

It has truly just been "one" of those weeks!! I can only hope that it has been just one!!

Nothing spectacular has happened here in the last day!! I did get a really good start on my new "Santa Swirly Cone".
It is really cute Christmas ornament that is the head of Santa coming out of an ice cream cone, lots and lots of beads!!
I just thought that I had a need for some serious cheering up and this should be able to do it.

However, I can only bring to mind those Calgon "Take Me Away" commercials that ran on television!!
We have had one of the worst week's we have had in some time and I so looked forward to it's end today. Max and I got up this morning and he suggested it be simply a "lazy" day for us all and he got no objections from me!! However, shortly after I began stitching, about 9:00 a.m. the telephone rang. It was the VA Satellite Clinic informing me that Max's liver had taken a serious turn for the worse!! I just about fell over as I can handle no more this week!!
The nurse was advising me to get Max's doctors called immediately and tell them that all his liver enzymes, BUN, Creatine, Potassium and Lipids were off the chart in raising!!

CALGON take me away!!

Love and Hugs!!


Katrien said...

I'll keep Max in my prayers.

Nancy M said...

I hope you took their advice and the Drs. are taking care of Max now!

Rene la Frog said...

Keeping good thoughts for you and Max and of course Mi. I hope the doctors jump on Max's problems ASAP and can do something to help.

Can't wait to see the "Santa", it sounds so cute

EvalinaMaria said...

Here is a big (((((hug))))) for you! Let doctors take care of Max, you watch over MI and count those beads, later show us a picture of your Santa.

Carolyn NC said...

Sorry to hear the day take off that way - hope the drs. are able to take care of it all and you take care, too!

Anne Sans Tete said...


You are such a trooper! I think I may have just collapsed and refused to get up if I were going through all of the things that you are. I am keeping you, Max, & Mi in my thoughts.

<3 Lisa N. (ILCS)

Shelley said...

I hope Max is at the drs and getting the help he needs. Sending cyber hugs your way. I have some Calgon, I could send that your way too...

Christie Cottage said...

I just ran across your blog. My prayers are with you and Max.