Sunday, October 12, 2008


I am trying to get better at this Blogging thing!!
This week I worked very hard on completing the reorganization of my "Stitching Sanctuary!! And, I think this is THE WEEK!! Hopefully, next weekend I will be posting the new and improved "Stitching Sanctuary"!!
I finally gave in and have extended my "Stitching Sanctuary" to "That Room"!! This is against my better judgment!! But, the inn is full!! I have to put all the Plastic Canvas charts and several older charts of Cross Stitching. I also am going to keep all my smaller kits in cross stitch over there also.
I have attached the pictures of FRANKEN-ORT!! I just decided to start FRANKEN-ORT as I "thought" it would be a quick finish!! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! That is what I get for thinking!!
And, Miprezious and I are okay for the most part!! The first part of the week I tripped over Miprezious!! She was ever so innocently just taking a nap on the living room floor and I simply did not see her. I was absolutely almost hysterical that I may have hurt her!! Mi was simply more scared, than hurt thankfully!!
BUT, then on Wednesday night I fell asleep at my computer!! I have that awful lean to the right with me since my stroke in 2006. And, evidently I fell asleep and tipped over the right side of my armed office chair that I have at my computer desk. This chair is on wheels.
I landed on a pile of things waiting to be put away on floor!! The desk chair toppled on top of me!! I just woke up suddenly and tried to decide "what to do next"!! So, I just layed there for awhile and then started to try and crawl out from the rubble!! It took awhile, but I did it. When I got loose, all I wanted to do was get myself up and into bed!! And, I did get myself into bed!!
However, I woke to finding blood on my favorite night gown!! I immediately went into where I fell and checked to see if there was blood and there was an amazing amount that I can not under stand how I could not have seen it!! And, I immediately went back in to my bedroom to check my lovely bright white Laura Ashley quilt bedspread on my bed to find it having an amazing amount of blood on it!! Now, I was truly mystified!! But, in checking myself out it appeared the blood had come from my nose!! Well, I guess I am glad I missed it, but just wish I could have been a bit more tidier!! So, I began to trace the red droplets on the carpet and began clean-up!!
Eunice came by and was quite upset that I did not wake her at 4:00 a.m. when this occurred!! She is a real trooper!! Then, Wanda arrived and she took over spot treating my quilt and washed it!! And, I am just glad I only have a few scrapes and brusing remaining!!
Wanda, my new Caretaker, is working out splendidly!! She took my out shopping to Wal-Mart Thursday evening and it was a great shopping time!!
Friday started out with another round of Depositions for Court!! I had attorneys "hammering" me and my near Eunice suddenly stood up and said, "She needs some water!! We are breaking now!!" The attorneys agreed with her thankfully!! I understand she got quite nervous during these Depositions!! Eunice said she just cringed when I was asked about what driving I had done since I was injured. This had nothing to do with any thing!! But, the attorneys went from my driving to how many times I had been hospitalized each year!! I can not believe how this went from bad to worse!! The attorneys had me totally confused between actual year dates and number of hospitalizations!! Just too many numbers!! The attorneys finally came down to "how many times had I been hospitalized this year" to "had I been hospitalized this year". I thought it over for quite awhile and finally said, "I don't believe I have been!!" This is where Eunice said, "Enough"!! My own attorneys and Eunice had me alone and then asked "did I not remember the major surgery I just had" and I truly did not remember it until Eunice refreshed my memory about it!! VERY eerie feeling, that I could forget this and this soon!! Gee, I hope my upcoming oral surgery will be the same!!
Please pray today, Monday, any who read this as my endeared, Eunice, is going into the hospital in Davenport, 50 miles south of us, to have an angiogram of her heart. The Cardiologists believe she will need stints, but we are praying not. However, them finally finding any thing would finally put an end to the awful way Eunice has been feeling for about the last six weeks!! She is quite apprehensive about this!! I told her I was going to go with her and talk her through this!!
I did not know if she would really want me by her or not, but her best friend did contact me and tell me she was so glad I was going to be with Eunice and that Eunice had told her she was glad I would be with her!! I have learned so much from Eunice and I think she knows that I now do most things the very same way she would do them and that I will not let any thing happen to her!! And, I intend to do exactly this!! I assured her I was packing up my stitching and that I would be perfectly happy sitting by her side stitching as time flies by while I am stitching!! I also told her, that if she had to stay, I would stay with her until if, and when, she says she is okay alone!! I am prepared to sit the night with her if needed!! This woman has been there for me for over a year and it is high time I can be there for her once!! I am hoping, and praying over and over that Eunice just flies through this procedure and feels real ridiculous afterwards for being so apprehensive as this will be an easy thing for her to get through!!
AND, tomorrow is Granny Lou's official 85th Birthday!! I am so sorry that none of us will be around for a celebration!! I am racking my brain to all ends to think of some thing that would be an all out surprise and some thing very special for a birthday celebration!! Any ideas out there?
For sure, we will be celebrating this very soon with all of this neighborhood together!!
And, another week gone by, almost three whole months alone, and
Love and Hugs!!
Miprezious, too!!


Nancy said...

Franken Ort looks very cute, but not like a quick finish to me! Good luck getting it done. I know that Eunices procedure will be very uneventful for her and that she will come through with flying colors. I am sure she will be more relaxed having you by her side. It's amazing you have forgotten your recent surgery, well maybe the lawyers just had you way too confused. Tell Granny Lou happy birthday for me!!! Sorry I don't have any ideas for you. I am sure having people remember her birthday will make her happy. Looking forward to hearing the outcome of today's events.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to granny Lou!!

And prayers to Eunice.

Talk to you soon.

Meari said...

Glad you weren't hurt when you fell out of your chair, Deborah! My goodness... Be careful, girl.

Sending good thoughts to Eunice. I'm sure she'll do just fine. Let her know that my Dad went through the same procedures, and has had stents put in twice. He did just fine through it all. :)


sales said...

I like your Franken Ort. Cute idea. I hope everything goes well with Eunice and Grandma Lou's birthday.

Carolyn said...

I think your Franken Ort has good
progress. Eunice is in our thoughts and prayers. Hope Granny Lou has a happy birthday. Keep us all posted. And I'm glad your fall didn't hurt you too much.