Monday, October 13, 2008


R - E - L - I - E - F !! PRAISE THE GOOD LORD!!
Today, was one of the longest I have experienced in quite some time!! Eunice awoke me this morning at 6:30 a.m. Today, was the long awaited one Eunice both could not wait to get here, while all the while was dreading with every fiber of her being!! Today, was her Angiogram. Eunice lost her beloved son, Chris, two years ago, at the age of 37-years old!! It was some thing I really wondered if she would ever come out of with her sane mind!! I have never had children of my own, and, thus, I can not say I have any idea of how horrific this experience could be to experience personally, but I can say it was too horrific just standing by helplessly and not being able to do a thing for her!! Chris had been born with heart problems. He had open heart surgery when he was a mere 6-years old!! From that time on, Chris was required to have an angiogram every other year. Eunice, said this little boy absolutely was terrified of the angiograms, although he went through the actual open heart surgery very well for such a young age!! Chris always screamed they hurt too bad!! Thus, Eunice had the preconceived idea that this is part of this procedure!! I tried to assure her, but after experiencing the many years of Chris just having fits at the prospect of another Eunice wanted no part of this procedure either. I tried to tell her that as a little boy, Chris, was probably far more scared than actually feeling pain with this procedure and was just simply too young to distinguish the difference!!
Thus, Eunice was very apprehensive about this entire procedure!! By the time of the actual procedure, her faith in God had taken over again and she was quite a bit more settled!! Also, the staff was absolutely spectacular in tending to her and this made all the difference in the world also!! They were great in their complete attentiveness to her and her concerns!! Both Eunice and her husband, Marion, remarked several times that this was such a drastic change from what they were now accustomed to in Clinton and they could hardly believe it!!
Eunice had to be at the hospital at 9:00 a.m. We had about a 50 mile commute to Davenport for this procedure. We did not get to leave the hospital until about 4:00 p.m.!! Thus, this was a very long day for all of us!!
However, the Cardiologist Specialist found only one artery 40% blocked!! This is extremely good for a woman 63 years of age!! This was extremely very good news, however, it does not give too many answers as to why Eunice has been feeling so poorly for about the past two months at all!! The Cardiologist placed Eunice on a new prescription medication for her anginia and we are all hoping and praying it will do the trick!! The Cardiologist is not at all convinced that Eunice's problems are cardiac in nature!! But, he is most willing to try every thing, and any thing he can do to help her!! Eunice is going to start swimming three days per week with Wanda and wants to start walking a whole lot!! She says I can just drive along beside them in my Hoveround Electric Wheelchair with Miprezious Dee Dee II in my lap as a rider!! We will see when my ramps get installed!! Eunice says at least this will give me some fresh air!!
Eunice seems quite relieved to know for sure her problems are not directly related to her heart!! She seems much better with just the relief of knowing this!! So, as of this evening all was well and good in this neighborhood!!
After Eunice became settled, I did start to stitch!! I just grabbed some thing totally new as we left my home this morning!! I wanted some thing that would be an easy stitch for me as I knew time, space and lighting would be quite limited while at the hospital!! And, it all was!! I took a new pattern for tea cup ornaments for Christmas!! The first tea cup I started on was the ARK TEA CUP ORNAMENT!! I really enjoyed this stitching time as the colors were bright and the stitching seemed to pick up over my normal rate!! I think these are going to be all time favorites!! I got about the top one-third of the Ark Tea Cup completed, although I can clearly see a single cross out of place in checking it out now!! Yes, I must fix it or I will not be able to stand it!!
Marion was quite hungry and had been since about mid-afternoon today!! Eunice was forced to eat a few bites in order to leave the hospital!! Eunice is not a big eater. I was so-so and could readily eat or wait till we got home. But, there are so many great restaurants in the Quad-Cities, while Clinton has not a one, that we decided to go out to eat before getting back on the road again!! One of their favorites is Dave's Barbecue and it fast became one of my very favorite!! It was just absolutely yummy!! We had barbecued ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, cole slaw and cornbread!! Any one who left there hungry had only their self to blame!! It was one of the very best meals I have had in quite some time!! I was quite glad we had decided to go out to eat!!
Wanda was due to be at my home this evening and she was arriving just as we got home!! It was quite pleasant having some one to greet me and spend the evening with!! Wanda went about her scheduled tasks of laundry and cleaning and I continued to work in my "Stitching Sanctuary"!!
I had a very pleasant, but all so all out tiring day!! It was fabulous to get the good news that Eunice's heart was fine!! A whole lot of answered prayer today!!
Eunice asked me to thank every one for the many prayers she knows that were sent on her behalf today!! Marion was very impressed with all the number of prayers Eunice had going for her today!!
But, unfortunately, it was Granny Lou's official 85th Birthday and no one was home all day and most of this evening in the neighborhood!! And, as usual, Granny Lou worked from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the local hospital doing her volunteer work!! It was sad to think, that neither of her two daughters could have taken a day from their "busy" live's and come to Clinton, and the one lives here, but could not find time to stop and see her on this special day!! And, it sure would have helped if some of us had been home to have some kind of celebration for her!! Eunice and I have vowed to pick another evening this week and have a surprise celebration for her as well as taking her out to dinner!! I can not imagine reaching the age of 85!! But, I can say for sure, if some one in my family had reached such a milestone I sure would have a BIG celebration for them!! I hope Eunice and I can make some thing very special for her later this week!!
So, once again all is GOOD IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!
Miprezious was not a happy camper being a "big girl" staying home alone, without benefit of Uncle Marion, today though!! But, with lots of extra special attention from Wanda and my self she got over it quite soon!!
Love and Hugs!!
Miprezious, too!!


Carolyn said...

So glad to hear the good news about Eunice. Hope Granny Lou can celebrate her birthday another day, too. Stitching looks good!

Nancy said...

I am really far behind, I don't know how I missed this post! So glad to hear that Eunice is fine and you helped her through her day. Your stitching looks good so far, you got quite a bit done!

Debbie Jo said...

I am so glad that things went well for Eunice and everyone had a good day! Bless Granny Lou for being 85!
Wonderful job on your stitching.

Meari said...

Glad to hear Eunice's problems aren't cardiac related, and it's great that she wants to exercise more.