Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello All!!

Well, this is starting out real good again!! Somehow, I have got this blue color and lines - do not have a clue how or where they are coming from!!
Oh well, blue and lines are far better than nothing at all.

My life has not been real exciting and truly have little to say. Spent six weeks plus totally devoted to taking care of my mother after her fall. She is doing well - much, much better than any one expected!! I then got to my own home and EVERYTHING needed major attention. My new church family was coming to stain and seal my handicap ramp and deck on July 09 and it was encased in some major weeds. Thus, I took to just going to try and get the worst of them - yeah, right!! I got my self transferred to a little seat on wheels and I went to them weeds the preceding Thursday evening till a bit after 10:00 p.m. with aid of yard flood lights. Did not begin to finish so I thought I would beat the heat and be out with the weeds at dawn which I did do. Next thing I realized, it was almost 2:00 p.m. and I had to get cleaned up for a 3:00 p.m. appointment to get my hair done as I do every Friday. You must remember, better stated I should start remembering, I do not feel pain or distress until I am in very deep TROUBLE with it!! I went in to salon and girls had a fit over the horrific sunburn I had over the back of my neck and well into my shoulder blades. I have no control over my body temperature due to my illness and when I get too hot, or too cold, I have very serious problems and I surely did this time also. One of the gals insisted on bringing me home from salon and got Eunice as I was in real bad shape by this time. Eunice was mulling over whether I needed ER as she was sure I had heat poisoning or exhaustion, or both. Next thing I knew was I was in bed for nine days!! Not going to pull this one again any time soon. And, the church crew had their stains wrong for my ramp and it did not get done as of yet!! But, with the record breaking heat no one can expect any thing and it appears there is no end in sight. Thus, when I have been able to be upright, I have nested in my stitching chair and simply just stitched!!

And, as things appear and are, I can not even stick my head out my door with out being brought down so I just might get a whole lot more stitching done.

My biggest accomplishment is Max's memory box is finished!! I LOVE it!! Now, just to hope the seventy plus sympathy cards will fit inside of it.
It is pictured below.

And, oh now the print works!! Max's marker, well our marker, was placed at the cemtery while I was down. Need to get up there and rearrange shepherd's hook, more like eliminate it, and get vase in middle filled with a nice arrangement of flowers. I know it is hard to make out in picture, but Max (on the left) has a big old bass fish and mine (on the right) has a hoop, fabric and needle. Miprezious Dee Dee II is with Max and her portrait is right in the middle of the marker. Hope to get better pictures when I am feeling a bit better and can go to cemtery my self. I am extremely happy with this!! But, it is extremely eerie to look at my own name on a cemetery plot!!

This is a pillow I did for Karen for her birthday. Karen's father was Max's room mate while he was in the nursing home. We are like sisters. Max loved her very much as she cared for him so much and especially took care of him when I could not be with him. She came each day I was so ill from the heat with Gatorade and soup as well as tended to me. She is one very special lady!! She loves snowmen and this was best I could do in time I had available.

These are two pillows for month of July. We had a fundraiser for a young man from our church who has brain cancer. These pillows were auctioned off, but I was not feeling well enough to be there and thus am not sure what they brought in. I hear it was extremely good, but then things do go well when they are helping some one.

And, this is SAL Shelleen began for Lizzie Kate "Halloween Rules". This represents my first four days stitching. Yesterday, the frogs truly threw a PARTY!! I have never "frogged" so much in my entire life as I did in one day yesterday!! I guess it is coming along well. I have the Bent Tree "Spooky House" and "Halloween Mantle" sitting on my floor, next to my stitching nest, all prepared to begin on. I am sure I foresee a new Halloween "rotation" beginning here very soon!!

I have finally done nothing, but stitch, stitch, stitch, the last two days. Hopefully, tomorrow's picture of today's work will show it. I look at so many other's work and can see progress!! I probably have more time than most other's and I still seem to get the least done!!

Hopefully, I have my stitching motivation back and will keep at it and begin to post more often!!

Love and Hugs!!



Shelleen said...

Your finishes are cute and can't wait to see more of Halloween Rules.

Meari said...

Deborah, girl.... Be careful out in that heat! You shouldn't have been out there pulling weeds anyway.

Your memory box is absolutely gorgeous. Kudos! Your other finishes are magnificent also. Congrats on getting so much stitching done.

Cindy's Stitching said...

The heat is everywhere. Sorry you are having some difficulties. I like Max's marker. A least you are getting some stitching done. The memory box is also so beautiful

EvalinaMaria said...

Dear Deborah, the box is beautiful and Halloweem Rules are coming along nicely. I am in this SAL also. And don't you dare go our to the garden in this heat! Staying inside and stitching is good. Big {{{hugs}}}.

Pam in IL said...

So glad to see you posting again and to hear that you are feeling better. Your stitching is beautiful!

mdgtjulie said...

All your stitching looks wonderful, Deborah. Love the snowman pillow. He's adorable. And Max's memory box is wonderful! Congrats on all the progress (and don't you have a pond nearby? You need to kick that frog right out of the house!!) Be more careful with yourself too. You get in the zone and try and do too much, and you're gonna hurt yourself. Try and stay cool in this awful heat. Heat indexes here have been in the one tens. UGH!!! Have fun with your Halloween rotation too. It's always fun to rotate projects. I just started a rotation about a month ago, and it's going really well. It's like a new start every two weeks. I love it!!

Sparkles 'n' Stitching said...

your stitching is stunning and you finishing looks great. Take care in the heat you guys are having, put your feet up in the shade.

Emily in NC said...

Max's memory box is just beautiful. The headstone is nice but not sure I would want my name there either, looks like a good likeness to Mitzi.

Sandy In Montana said...

Max's memory box is just beautiful, Deborah, as is all of your stitching. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better.

Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Nancy M said...

Max's box looks great! And you have been stitching AND finishing up a storm!!! I didn't know you had it in you. They are all just adorable. Sounds like you need to have someone watch over you when you work outside! You need to set a timer and get back in the house. That could be very dangerous. Take care.

Claudette497 said...

So glad to hear how well your mother is doing! The memory box is beautiful, and the pillows are adorable. What a gift it is to have the strength to do that much gardening - sounds like you need a bigger hat! Take good care of yourself.

Shelley said...

You need to be more careful in the heat!! I doubt you should be out there pulling weeds at all in this weather!!

Max's memory box is gorgeous! You did an awesome job and I hope all of the cards do fit in it.

The pillows you stitched are adorable.

Katrien said...

The memory box is gorgeous! Your other stitching looks fantastic too.
Please Deborah, do take care of yourself!!

Kathy said...

The memory box is just stunning! Girlfriend sometimes you simply amaze me. :) You pillow fnishes are just adorable and I ma sure Karen loves hers.

Now you take care and stop overdoing it until this heatwave breaks. Even weeds have a right to live. LOL

Lyn said...

Your stitching looks marvelous, Deborah! The grave stone is beautiful too. Glad to hear that you are getting better from your time in the sun. Boy do I understand the need to pull weeds!