Sunday, May 17, 2009




Papa and Mama Duck out exploring another side of our yard!!

I want these ducks to stay in my yard and nest and have babies!! Thus, Kathy K. advised me I had to make my yard more attractive to Mr. and Mrs. Duck than the other yards surrounding me!! Okie Dokie!! Now, how was I to do this!! Well, good Ms. K. advised me to get some water to them!! Had to think on this for a bit!! However, upon leaving from checking my Salon I saw a rather run down looking "Dollar General" Store and they had these small pools standing up front outside of their building!! I suddenly yell at Max to stop the van and go into the "Dollar General" and get me one of them pools!! "OH, NO WAY IN we will not say"!! Okie Dokey!! Get my wheelchair out as I am going in!! That resulted in a louder "OMG!! NO WAY!!" Then, Max promptly got out of the van and went in and got me a pool!! He was so darn mad at me by the time we got back home there was no way he was going to put that pool out and fill it up!!
Okie Dokie, Maxie!! I then asked him to get the pool out of the van at least for me and pull the hose to the front of our driveway as I was going to place and fill the pool!! NO WAY IN XXXX I WAS GOING TO TRY A STUNT LIKE THAT!!
Well, one word led to another and soon I just screamed at him, that I may fail at placing and filling that pool right, but I was going to be damned if I could not at least try!! And, I got in my transport wheelchair and used my legs to "toddle" the pool beside me and get it finally placed on an even spot in the yard and fill it! By this time, Granny Lou had come running out at my first "screech" at Max and tried to mediate the problem, while Eunice also heard me, however, she just stayed back on her porch watching to see if I could get the job done. After Eunice saw me having complete success she came a running over also!! I told them I was not going to become a complete invalid again and when I wanted to at least try some thing I was going to try and do it!! As, Eunice and Granny Lou had watched me struggle through keeping a perfect home during this past winter they knew Max had better let me fail trying or be ready to congratulate me upon success!! I will not allow some thing to be done for me that I can do for my self, but I must give you a bit of a hint of my condition today!! I have pictures of my legs, but they can wait a few days!! They could be attached to any elephant that would also happen to land in our yard as they are that big and rough from the "stunts" and "fiascos" I have had this last week!! BUT, I TOTALLY SUCCEEDED IN PLACING AND FILLING MY DUCK POND!! And, the real pay off was Mr. and Mrs. Duck were both in the pool taking a swim before a big dinner within a hour of my placing it out there!! Take that and deal with it Mr. Max!!
However, Kathy just told me yesterday, that the pool needs to be emptied and refilled about every third day!! It was news to me!! It was pure tears for Max!!
Max changed the water in the pool today while I went shopping with Eunice at the GOOD WILL Store where we met up with Wanda!!
After Mama and Papa Duck had their swim I threw a loaf of bread out to them and they and every bird withing five miles of this home landed and ate every crumb!!

And, the ducks took a walk around their new surroundings after their swim and dinner!! Max is now going to the "Wonder Bread Thrift" Store every other day for bread for my ducks!! Max has threatened to get a gun and shoot my ducks!!
I told him he is absolutely in worse trouble ever if any thing happens to MY ducks!! However, MY ducks have been ruining my hostas in deciding to make their nests in them!! They love it and hostas can easily be replaced if they truly do ruin the hosta garden that is beginning to take around this pine tree finally!!

Aren't these ducks just the cutest little pets? Miprezious is going to celebrate her Eighth birthday tomorrow and I am sure she will not be inviting the ducks for cake as Max has taught Mi to also hate MY ducks!!

Well, I also started a new "little" project that Kathy K. and I were going to do as a SAL together again!! I have not had a whole lot of luck with stitching, but I "think" it is because I am dreading the finishing so badly!! Will post picture of what it should look like!! Even, Kathy is "thinking" perhaps, we can figure out our own way to finish this one as instructions to not look all that simple!! I also began the Just Nan "Floral Fifteen"!! These two are little things, but they are two of the hardest things I have ever had the challenge to do and will not give up. I have my Super Secret Project that MUST be done yesterday to do by positively tomorrow!!

I woke up Monday, in some of the worst pain I ever thought I had from being up on my legs so much Saturday and all day Sunday!! My ankles were absolutely swollen to beyond capacity!! And, then, as expected, "my Mother" telephoned and noted I surely had to have come to realization that I could no longer fix a big dinner and especially for company!! I immediately came back, with I knew she had been very inconvenienced, however, "NO, absolutely I had not redecided any thing"!! Well, I might as well "do just as she had several years ago and simply quit as I could not do it any more"!! I could not concentrate on "combacks" to my Mother as I was in too much pain and simply reminded her "can not and quit are NOT even in my vocabulary"!! It was mighty hard to argue with her about my giving up, but I kept it in my mind that the only mistakes I had made was first inviting her and secondly in poor pre-planning!! I told her I had not been even detered in the least!! And, although in the midst of such swelling and pain it was hard to protest, I will NOT give up cooking, especially on special occasions!! I have not had Wanda since her being taken hostage and the gun held to her head with me at all!! I just today found out that there has been a "communication problem" between Eunice and Wanda. Wanda kept calling Eunice each day as she always has done as they are very best of friends!! Wanda would inquire as to how Max and I were doing and Eunice would always think she was asking about our relationship and would say every thing had never been better and things were absolutely fine!! Wanda took this as were we in need of her and when she asked, "how were we doing" she meant needing her help here.
Wanda said she felt un-needed by us!! I was joking around with her as Eunice and I had met up with her at the Good Will Store this afternoon!! Thus, Wanda will be coming back this week, but will principally be needed to help us prepare to leave on vacation next Monday, May 25!! We have very extensive packing to do this time as we had given up doing cabin life several years ago!! More about this "FIASCO" to come soon!!

I also forgot to put pictures of my most favorite Mother's Day gift I got!! It was 5 x 7 pictures of my "foster" twin grandchildren!! They sent me sweetest card and it was covered in stitching things that were all sitting in a big tea cup!! They could not have printed one their selves that would have been any more appropriate for me.
The twins, their mother and her boyfriend are also going to be with us at our cabin for a few days next week. I rather imagine their mother and her boyfriend will be leaving and also Alissa. However, I am thinking Alex will want to stay with us and fish for most of the time we will be gone!! I will post pictures above with duck and "I Don't Do Frogging" pictures!!

Back to my new duck family!! I had a Papa and Mama Duck arrive in my yard the day before Mother's Day and they have decided to stay it appears as they were still here today!! I am in midst of assisting putting in new flower gardens in my court yard left after my handicap ramp and deck was built last month here!! Max also went out and bought a Mexican clay chimchanga fireplace for the yard!!
These ducks were attracted to the cracked corn we had in the yard for Max's bird watching!! The ducks decided to nest in an old hosta bed that was the only thing that is left from the many beautiful gardens I used to have over entire property!!
These gardens dried up and died while I was recuperating from accident in May, 2002!!

I will try to put duck pictures up and describe each!! Grandmother Mother's Day card and pictures are self explanatory!! I will be sooooooooo glad when Meari and I can get together and she can teach me how to set this darn thing up!!

Love and Hugs!!


Nancy said...

Ducks can be dirty and messy! I hope they are good entertainment for you. Make sure to keep that water changed. Great mothers day card and very sweet! Good luck on the finishing, it can be overwhelming at times! Have a nice vacation. My birthday is the 25th, so I always enjoy Memorial Weekend like you!

Meari said...

Very cute Mother's Day card. I'm glad you're getting such enjoyment from the ducks.