Tuesday, March 24, 2009


"STITCHER TRAVELING" is so ever thankfully still "traveling" along!! AND, I still absolutely LOVE this 32-Count Lambswool Wichelt Linen it is being stitched on. This is the large piece that goes on the "envelope bag"!! Slowly, but surely, stitch by stitch.................but, who cares as I am thoroughly enjoying each and every "X" I make!! Have the Needlebook front to start and finish also.

I must be crazy as I did send for and got the Papillion SAL!! I have no idea of what colors to pick, size of fabric or much else other that my dear friend Marl did tell me to start first installment in middle of fabric!! Now, every one knows I am completely "ga-ga" over my pinks, mauves and purples. Some on take pity and tell me what others will complete the "three greens and eight floral colours" should be!!

And, as I am getting serious about this Blog reconstruction, I am also LEARNING A LOT!! Good Grief!! A dear friend, Meari, has offered to come over an vist (YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!) to help me with listing and keeping track of ALL of my WIPS to help me keep "traveling" onward with ALL of these!! Now, this is a true friend!!

And, I can not even guess all the long hours, another dear friend, Kathy K., has devoted to my trying to learn how to add all the fantastic Blogs out here, so I can start keeping up better on all of them and quit just "lurking" and stop a minute to leave a few words!! And, dear Kathy B. had even offered to walk me through another part that I totally do not understand!!

Something I HAVE just learned is I am so very embarassed and sorry to a countless number of you!! As most of you are aware, I just have very limited, and very short, minutes to be online a great deal of the time as I simply can not transfer into computer desk chair and sit any length of time becuase my legs have to remain elevated 90% of my day!! If my doctors had their ways, I would be "rotting" away in a "hellhole" Nursing Home and be in bed with legs elevated 100% of the rest of my life!! So, I guess we have reached some what a compromise!!

In going through all the Blogs I can come upon, I am trying to get the "URL" (I think that is what it is called) to "copy" and then "paste" (VERY new process to me!! Thank you Ms. Kathy K.) over on to my Blog. I kept seeing several "Awards" on other Blogs naming ME!! I AM SO SORRY, I did not have a clue as to what to do with them or what they truly meant!! I truly THANK each, and every, one of you who honored me with these lovely acknowledgements and sincerely wish I had known that I was supposed to "copy" and "paste" on to my own Blog and then pass them on!! I fortunately do understand this very lovely honor now and promise to handle them with the care in which they were given from this point on!!

I so SINCERELY THANK every one who did honor me with all the wonderful awards and acknowledgements you have!!

AND, I sincerely hope no one is taking offense to the timing of which your Blog is appearing on my Blog List of being my favorites!! Each of you, and some I have no idea of who you are, sincerely ALL MY FAVORITES and I so look forward to now being able to keep track of all new postings and be able to have method in which to read them!! HOWEVER, in spite of Kathy K.'s patience of a Saint, I am not getting the concept of having to keep my own Blog open to transfer your Blog information over to it!! I got the "transferring" process, just can't get the having to "minimize" my screen to keep my Blog open!! BUT, I do PROMISE I am going to get to each and every one of you even if I have to try and do it the "hard" (according to Kathy) way of individually typing each of your "URL" into the little box!! And, being Kathy knows me like no other of you, she thinks my typing the correct "URL" in is probably also going to result in "problems" as I do not always get every thing letter perfect as this process requires!! So, PLEASE, if you see I am not getting you listed, please send me your "URL" that needs to be typed in, "letter perfect", so I can get you included as I so sincerely wish to do so!!

Very little new around this homefront!! I am still sorting Magazines and Charts from my "stitching nest" (lift recliner) as quickly as I can!! However, Tuesday is Dialysis day so I do not get as much assistance with this job!! Little Miprezious got a long over due "hair-do" yesterday, so she is still well tired out and hopefully will not bedevil me too much today either!!

I know most of you will just shake your head and say "those people have really crossed over"!! BUT, I swear to you this truly happened to us yesterday!! "Daddy" went with Mi to a brand new groomer yesterday and at my insistence stayed with her the entire time she was there. Mi has a tremendous "separantion anxiety" that will upset her to the extent she will be quite ill, the over the top vomiting ill, for days after any type of separation from us!! I believe this got it's start the ten days I was hospitalized and she was left completely alone at home with just Eunice's husband, Marion, and Granny Lou coming in several times around the clock to spend some time and tend to all her needs. Marion would leave his restaurant very late each evening and come straight into our home and usually would fall asleep with her in front of the television so she was not left alone any great amount of time any day!! However, it was enough time for her to chew all the woodwork off the main door we use frame!! Thus, yesterday was an "overkill" spoiling day!! Mi immediately came in to my "Stitching Sanctuary" and made a nest in her favorite spot on top of any chart that might just be laying on the floor - some thing I have to stop as she has begun to pick them up and go on a destroying "mission" should the phone ring and I have the audacity to chat!!

Well, Mi was napping very well and sleeping so soundly that her snoring was quite obnoxious!! Just befor Oprah came on, a darn Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial came on!! That very obnoxious little man must have said "CHICKEN" at least twenty times in a two minute commercial for a new one week sale!! Mi heard the word "CHICKEN" and her head snapped up like a "bobble head"!! Next, the little tongue comes out licking her lips and then her ears perked up and her little head went from side to side, for the next "CHICKEN" and she looks at me like "Hey, dinner is on"!! I immediately said "NO, not yet, that is on tele"!! Mi began to whine which escalated into her screeching bark and she would have it no other way, but "CHICKEN" for supper last night!! And, as she has her "Daddy" wrapped around that little paw, we had the worst and greasiest "chicken" for supper last night that I have had to insult my stomach with in a very long time!! I told Max, "NEW RULE"!! Absolutely "MUTE" from then on ALL commercials and his beloved FOOD CHANNEL!!

And, now that this has bored you all to complete sleepiness, I will go nap in my chair!!

Love and Hugs!!

Deborah and Max

and, Miprezious, too!!


Kathy said...

Mi is too too funny. I am sitting here laughing over her hollering because of a TV commercial. LOL AND that you both give in to her!!! :) You are too much.

You are making fabulous progress on Traveling Stitcher and are almost caught up to me!!
You go girl!

Gabi said...

Great progress on the Traveling Stitcher. Your dog is so gorgeous. Too funny. Thank god you're not spoiling that little brat aren't you? (insert big grin here). And you shouldn't be sorry about missing whatsoever. Just enjoy your online time.

Nancy said...

Your traveling stitcher looks great so far. I can see why you are enjoying it! Another option for you and computer time would be to be a "netbook". I just bought one for $300. I use it just to get on the internet and it's only 9" and 2 lbs. If you get a wireless router in the house you can use it anywhere and keep your feet up! You enable me in cross stitch, I can do the same in computers!! LOL