Saturday, March 14, 2009

SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 2009 - I CAN'T BELIEVE........

I CAN NOT BELIEVE this is my Handicap Ramp, two days prior to the Building Permit expires, so says today's mail!! I ALSO CAN NOT BELIEVE this pile of building materials defrosted before the Fourth of July!!

I CAN NOT BELIEVE all this was given to my free by a "Freecycle" lady!! Some body is going to get all that floss sitting in front of you right now!! Who will it be? Hint it will be for an April birthday that is not connected with the I.L.C.S. Birthday Club!!

I CAN NOT BELIEVE that you are looking at 32-COUNT LAMBSWOOL WICHELT LINEN and more unbelievable the stitching below is ME, MY, MYSELF, MOI and DEBORAH'S!!

Hello All My Dearest Friends,
I CAN NOT BELIEVE, I took two of my most serious falls in the past ten days, than the last one which was the final straw and I was ordered by doctors to no longer attempt to walk and stay in a wheelchair July, 2004!! My first was a repeat swan dive from the throne, a.k.a. le toilette, with head being hit by bath tub!! Same ole story, just a bit more severe injuries!!
Then, Wednesday night, I got up from my stitching nest to go to the le toilette and went from just standing still in the middle of my Stitching Sanctuary to totally body slamming the wall to wall unit!! I have literally sweat bullets about could this unit be moved should I need, or want, to recarpet the Stiching Sanctuary!! Well, I have taken care of that one, as I hit with such force that I knocked this entire wall unit off the wall. As I was clinging onto the shelves for lack of being able to move, I prayed to God to make the wall unit quit moving!! I have a collection of very heavy water globes on the very top of this unit and they were teetering on the very edge!! And, par to my luck, I have what I considered to be a quite heavy wooden quilt rack in this room to drape my fabric for works in progress and for holding some of the chart notebooks that will not fit on the shelving unit. Somehow it had to have also tilted or moved so that my left little toe and the top surrounding it became entrapped underneath it!!
I could not move between my left foot being caught and I felt my body was the only thing holding this entire wall unit upright!! Max was taking a nap and he had an early and extremely awfull day, so he was in deep sleep!! I began to scream after deciding he had to be totally out cold to have not awaken simply from the crashing sounds!! I have several large lumps on my head and think I am bruised on every single part of my body!! I have bruises where I did not think bruises could be!! My knees have not been good for quite some time, but doctors have always said, they would not touch them as that would be affecting the RSD and they do not want to be responsible for what it will do!! They also say that the very serious anesthesia problems I have had are not worth any more surgeries!! Well, we started once before without it and I NEVER will allow that one to happen again, now I insist on seeing anesthesiologist's license and at least three references!! And, above all else the doctor's attitudes are "she can not walk, any way"!! Well, little do they realize!!
I am hurting a plenty and I am taking a break just for the weekend!! I have a large gathering of our nearest, and dearest, coming for St. Patrick's Day dinner right down to the Blarney Stones and beautiful green daises I received from Max today that will be made into a beautiful centerpiece!! More on this, come Tuesday!!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE, I am again "Mrs." Markham!! And, neither can any one else I am near and dear to, know well or are merely acquainted with!! The story is way too long and way too boring!! Max was very, very wrong and did many terrible things to too many people, but we have talked it over and over and specific rules have been established. There simply are NO MORE CHANCES!! I am not going to try and make a dozen excuses for Max as there simply are none!! However, there are several contributing problems which I am taking steps to make sure they no longer do contribute again from Max's illnesses to my very meddling
"Mommy Dearest"!! As my dear Eunice has stated, "as long as I am happy and Max behaves himself things should be all right!! There have been a few rough "bumps" in the road, but they appear to be all taken care of and I have been most happy and Max has been on his best behavior!! We will be married 30 years this Christmas and that is a long time to dump every thing!! Honestly, we have had some real good times thus far and I think things are going to only get better!!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE my "Mommy Dearest" could possibly hit lower than the snake's belly she hit while I was "rotting" away in the "hellhole" Nursing Home she helped me get placed in!! BUT, JUST BELIEVE ME, SHE HAS!!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE that this Blog and my Webshots Albums are all still UNDER CONSTRUCTION, but they are!! I had the choice of "constructing" or "blogging" and I think I needed to re-start the Blogging!!
I have found more WIPS and UFOS than any of the ten best stitcher's in my I.L.C.S. combined!! I truly need to start a new blog, only I do not know how to add progress pictures to it!! I need to find something where I can publish more than 300 projects and be able to show their progress!!
That will take a lot of additional thinking out and consulting with some one who does know some thing about a computer!! I plan on pulling out the top ten that I want to show "some" progress on each week and show a running progress of them!!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE, that when the Little House Needleworks "TRAVELING STITCHER" premiered I did not give it a single look!!
Then, the frenze began to get the first edition Coral (DMC3712) Envelope Bags that you are to finish your stitched piece and Needlebook piece to!!
My dearest friend, Kathy Kiley LOVES her "Little House"!! Kathy thought she had the LNS that might place a "hold" on a bag until Kathy went to her next "Stitch and Sit"!! Well, dear Kathy inquired and the only one her LNS had available was for the store sample!! Well, Kathy being the fantastic and most caring daughter she is; had been busy, especially busy the last 12-18 months, giving her beloved mother the very best care possible on this earth prior to her passing December 06!! Thus, she had far more important things going on then simply becoming acquainted with a whole lot of online store owners (only the store owners loss, as they sure do want to meet her and surely will) like this "care free and stitch fancy" woman (only because Kathy directs me step by step on each chart)!! So, I think if one of these darn "TRAVELING STITCHER" Bags exist with her name on it, I would have to pay attention and see if any of my store owner's "loved" me enough to put her name on one of these rare
specimens that were getting more rare each day Nashville began!! So, I began to pay attention!! Well, as always, I over did, and suddenly found myself looking for a store owner who REALLY "loved" me enough to put her name and now MY NAME on one of these rare specimens!! I LOVED those darn things and I HAD to have one of my own!! Dear Karen at Wasatch was most kind, and tried to find one, but could not as all her allotment was sold out and there definitely were no more to be had!! Karen even directed me that if either Kathy or I were sew-ers, along with being stitchers, that we easily could make these bags!! Well, Kathy said she never sewed and my brand new Singer will shortly be having it's two year anniversay of being dusted each week, but never have left it's box so it was a definite NO here also!! But, Dear Linda at House of Stitches sent them out ASAP!! We love Linda!!
But, I CAN NOT BELIEVE, and luckily can not remember, who talked me into ordering 32-Count Lambswoold Wichelt Linen to stitch this on!!
However, I have found I TRULY LOVE IT!! I have not had a successful finish with any thing other than 14-Count Aida since before my life's "Pot Hole" began to open up and swallow me May 04, 2002!! And, by golly, THIS IS GOING TO BE A FINISH!! Above represents one full week's stitching!! Tune in next week...................!!!!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE that I could not wait for the release of "CUPCAKES, GLORIOUS, CUPCAKES, by "The Cat Whiskers"!!
I actually was awaiting the mailman every day for a week!! I anxiously open the package, while Kathy K. and I happen to be having our daily chat and I told her, "good Lord, who let me loose to do such a thing"!!
I told her all about this large book and read her the directions!! And, ever happy and so optimistic, my friend assured me these would make good Fobs!! Okie Dokie!! Well, later I have a chat with Rene, who was already fast "baking" her first cupcake, which was finished before nightfall. She had immediately sent me all the links and every thing I needed to order the Wilton baking cups needed to finish each cupcake, practically before I had even opened my book!! I thought save your efforts Rene, I ain't making mine!! THEN, Rene gives me a sneak preview of her first cupcake even before I have completely read my book and it looked mighty fine!! And, then Rene published her first cupcake and it got rave reviews!! And, then I discussed the cupcakes with Rene again and she assured me I could do it!! And, now I think I CAN and I will be once again be pulling on my cupcake making apron to prove to myself I CAN!!
BUT, I TRULY CAN NOT BELIEVE who I talked to or what drugs I got into that ever convinced me that I could remotely even read "The Victoria Sampler "TEA AND STITCHES"!! Good Grief!! From Thursday till furthermore, I am notifying my suppliers to not ship me any thing that has not been okayed by Kathy K. and at least six other stitchers!! I truly could not tell if those SIXTEEN pages are right side up or down had it not been for the pictures!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!! Again, as Max handed me this lovely bombshell, I was on the phone chatting with Ms. Kiley!! And, at first I think she was a bit hesitant and speechless, however, she came up with the amazing recovery that I could make a "real cute Needlebook" surely out of it!! Well, I have done some Crazy A$$ things before, but pay $22 for a Needlebook chart? NOT!! I LOVE tea patterns and I loved "TEA AND STITCHES"!! And, all I can say, is that I have the very best of friends that stitch!! I ever win the lottery all get prepared to move to these Iowa cornfields as I am going to create "Stitching Acres" and move you all on out to this one-horse town!! What a "hood" that would be!!
Of course, Eunice would be mayor!! Thankfully there would be no working, no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, no shopping unless for needed stash until our STITCHING WAS DONE!! And, most THANKFULLY, shortly after chatting with Kathy, I started chatting online and I soon had a great stitcher, (will not identify until she says it is okay) volunteer to do my edge of big piece and edges of "smalls" with all those Greek (no offense intended to our Greek friends) stitches that surround each!! Then, I can do the center of these pieces!! And, as Kathy pointed out, I "think" I might be able to do the Needlebook!! WHAT A SAVE AND ANOTHER BLOOMING MIRACLE FOR ME!!
I keep protesting and sincerely saying that, "I must not be continued to be rescued from every dumb, and recently dummer, things I do"!! My dear friends, especially stitchers, PLEASE do not listen to me, as it is quite evident that I will be in very deep doggie doo doo with out each and every one of you!!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE, I have went on with this Blog!! And, YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE, how many times I have had to yell, I had to have a bathroom break to keep sneaking in another short computer time to finish it!! Thus, I have just been told NO ONE could possibly need to get up to the bathroom this many times in one evening!! OKAY, I AM OUT OF HERE!!
Deborah and Max
and Miprezious, too!!


Katrien said...

Great new stash, and lovely start. So sorry to read about your falls.

Gabi said...

Oh my gosh, what an eventful week. I really hope you're ok and you be careful. These falls sound darn dangerous. Glad things are going well between you and Max, and that your friends keep an eye on you.
And I had to giggle when I read your story with the Victoria Sampler chart.
Lots of hugs and healing thoughts

Emily said...

Take care of yourself, and do what your doctor says. Have fun with the new piece you started, even if it is on 32 count.

Kathy said...

Oh Deborah. You are too too much! :) Love you girlfriend.

Now I promise not to stitch on my Traveling Stitcher until you catch up a bit more. :)

YOU CAN DO!! You are doing it! I am so happy for you.

Deborah said...



and MIPREZIOUS, too!!

Carolyn NC said...

I cannot believe you have so much going on! Hope you're feeling better and please be careful. Great new start and stash. :)

Meari said...

Isn't it great to NOT see any snow, Deborah?!?

What a great stash pile you received from a Freecycler. Good for you!

Ouchie on the fall from "the throne". Having been in your bathroom, I know how that tub HAD to have hurt! As well as hitting the wall unit. Be careful, girlfriend! Take it easy and rest, like the doctors say.