Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This is the happiest day in my life in quite some time!! PSALM 23 is finished, framed and delivered!! Oh, what a feeling!!

Below is a picture of Pastor Dennis and me. I picked his wife, Melanie, up at their home and we were off to the church to hunt for Pastor Dennis. He had just had arthroscopic knee surgery and it has become complicated with a "bakers cyst". He was in a lot of pain, so we knew he could not have gotten too far!!
We quickly found him and he was just utterly surprised to see Melanie and me just "hanging out" waiting for him. Melanie had been able to get the gift wrapped Psalm 23 in to his office prior to us finding him. We led him back to his office and he was so surprised to see the huge wrapped package and asked what was it. I handed him the card with the story of Max's last request of me in that he wanted me to give Psalm 23 to him for his birthday this year. Unfortunately, I was a wee bit late!!

Pastor Dennis immediately began reading the card and note and the tears immediately began to fall from his eyes. Pastor got very emotional and he was a bit overwhelmed with the tears. Many of the church family had predicted this reaction!! I actually did not cry this time!! Each time I worked at composing the note attached to the card, I cried for hours like a baby. I guess, I was just so darn happy to have it completely done coupled with finally fulfilling Max's last request of me that I most surprisingly did not cry!!

This piece is exquisite!! I am absolutely awed by it!! Pastor Dennis immediately began taking pictures off his wall in order to find the perfect place to hang this!! He found the perfect place and immediately hung Psalm 23 on his office wall. The front of his office has clear glass panels from floor to ceiling so it is positioned perfect for every one to see!!

Now, I am in great fears of Pastor Dennis dragging this to his pulpit this coming Sunday in services. It would be great honor, of course, but I would be so embarrassed that I will want to climb under a pew!!

Pastor Dennis and Melanie absolutely love Psalm 23!! I have a perfect goal of mine more than achieved!! I KNOW Pastor Dennis will think of Max each day as he sees this beautiful piece. It is my greatest desire just to have Max remembered!! I am proud to say for my self - job very well done!!

Rest In Peace my beloved Max and our sweet little one, Miprezious Dee Dee!!
Love and Hugs!!

You know it did not matter one little bit that this birthday gift was belated!!


Cindy's Stitching said...

That is a beautiful piece. I really love it.

mab3500 said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Big hugs!

Veronica said...

Of course it didn't matter that the gift was late, Deborah. It's such a precious gift. No wonder Pastor Dennis was overwhelmed. I'm so happy for you. Your stitching is exquisite and it will be treasured for many years, even generations to come.


Pam in IL said...

What a huge accomplishment! It's a beautiful piece! Congrats on getting it finished, framed and presented to Pastor Dennis!

Elena said...

That is gorgeous!!! And of course it did not matter that it was late! I'm so glad that it is done!!

Katrien said...

You did an awesome job

Ranae said...

Congrats on finishing a very beautiful piece of stitching.
You are awesome!

DJ said...

Deborah, your story brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful Pastor he is!! When Jesus tells us there is no greater love than to lay down his life for his brother, I will think of this man. What a truly precious gift you have given him...and he to you. You are an amazing woman! Sending hugs and prayers!

Nancy M said...

Deborah what a great accomplishment! You are a true BAP stitcher now! There is NO WAY you should be embarrassed if he shares this wonderful story and masterpiece with his congregation. You should be beaming with pride. They do not know what you have overcome to do this piece. I remember when you could only do 10 stitches per night and to have this piece stitched and given as a gift is truly a miracle. Congrats again and I can't wait to see what you pick up next out of your extensive stash!!!!

mdgtjulie said...

I'm totally amazed, Deborah. It's HUGE!!!! (And I'm a BAP girl, but WOW. It's giant, enormous, massive!!!) Huge congrats to you. I'm so proud of you for finishing this for Max. You did a wonderful thing!!! ( I would have totally cried upon receiving such an amazing gift. Way to go you!!!

mdgtjulie said...

And I was so enthralled with your accomplishment, I forgot why I came here, lol. I just awarded you a blogger award. Grats, and you can read all about it at Enjoy!

Shelleen said...

I have goosebumps reading your post as I know how much Max wanted you to do this, for the Pastor. You did it and should be very proud. I can just imagine the Pastor's face when he read the card and saw the framed piece.

~~~Melinda said...

Beautiful!! Be sure to check out my blog for an update on The Last Supper!!

Shaunterria Owens said...

Gotcha! You've been tagged on my blog! Come on over and check it out at


~~~Melinda said...

I love reading your blog, I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award.
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