Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pictures from Debra Hall's September Visit

Let me begin with saying these are horrible, horrible, horrible pictures. They do NOT begin to show the magnificant beauty of these things. I WILL get some one who knows what they are doing to retake these pictures as I am speechless on how to describe them. They became instant heirlooms to me!! Now, big problem is to decide where to display them that will do them the justice they deserve and not be possibly soiled in any way. Debra told me they are placemats and that I should use them. I would not be able to take a bite of food as I would be far too perched to do harm to any one who would soil them!!

These are all the most awesome and beautiful gifts Debra Hall made for me when she came to visit. The first four are placemats that she totally made by her self. I believe she told me these were her first applicay projects. She also quilted these. As you should probably already decided, I am so in love with these!!

Debra also brought me these three lovely ornaments. I again can not yet find the most appropriate place to display these, but I surely will.

Below is a most beautiful set of tea towels that Debra also brought to me. I also love them!!

Right across the Mississippi River that totally borders our town is a town called Fulton, Illinois. It is a Dutch settlement and this town totally thrives on Dutch tourism. They had an authentic windmill built and then dismantled and shipped to Fulton piece by piece. It now is assembled and actually operates. They sell the different kinds of flours they grind.

I was exhausted by the time we got to this windmill, however, Karen took Debra up the steps to the top and they toured it. Karen actually lives in Fulton. It is only about three minutes from my home. I actually also had owned my salon there before I was injured.

Below our pictures of Debra and my self trying to be silly. I think we were successful!! Debra shows up well as the "Little Dutch Boy". However, with my "leaning", I made for a very poor "Little Dutch Girl"!!

Regardless, we had lots of fun at their "Harvest Festival" this day!!

We again visited the statue I actually designed for a very old friend for a contest this town had centering on "wooden shoes". Debra is on the left, I am sitting in the center and Karen is on the right.

Below is another picture of Debra at the "Harvest Festival". She says to say she found an old relative while in Iowa!! Poor Debra was being "slimed" by the pig on her shoulder while a bull dog was taking care of her knee at the same time!!

One of Debra's many trips to the Quilt Shop located in Fulton

Another day, another stash shop. This is Karen's local yarn shop that officially closed it's doors today. I again was a bit exhausted and opted to stay in the van. This picture is of Debra and Karen in front of the yarn shop!!

Debra and Karen were instant friends!! We all had such a wonderful time together each day and evening!!

One day, Debra suggested we go to the nursing home (I met Karen in nursing home where Max had to be placed. Max and Karen's father were room mates. Karen was a very special angel sent by God to help me, and Max, through his days at this nursing home and most especially my main source of strength those awful last days of his life.) to surprise Karen as we had plans to meet after she had taken care of her dad any way. I also was too long overdue for my visits to my special people I adopted while Max was there.

While we were there waiting for Karen one of the off duty aides had brought her brand new puppy in to visit the folks. It was a minature collie. I initially thought it was a gerbil and wanted nothing to do with it.

Once I determined it was a brand new puppy, I HAD to hold the little boy!! While holding it, we decided we could get a picture and "prank" Kathy K. with the news (bad rumor) that Debra had, in fact, brought me a new puppy. Well, initially Kathy did believe us, however, she instantly began telling us all about how to care for it, etc. We all truly thought she would be quite upset as I truly do not need, nor can I take care of, a brand new puppy. Think I could have at least tried should this sweetie been offered to me!!

Below are pictures of Debra and I at the nursing home with the puppy.

We truly had the very best of times!! One of the reasons for Debra's timing of her visit at this time was I was facing Max's first birthday without him. I knew it was going to be extremely hard, but I have found I am a bit better when surrounded by people. We had a full day on his birthday in spite of a nasty cold and raining day. We visited my mother on the way to the cemetery. Once we got a break in the weather we went to visit Max and took him a red rose and birthday balloon. He actually has two grave markers, our family one and then his military one. The military one is placed at the bottom of his grave site. I had not seen it as of this day which made it a bit more special. The "military" had called me some months ago to tell me that only his given name of "Lynn" would be allowed on the stone. The man then asked me why I was so adamant about having "Max" placed on it. I then just asked him how thrilled he would be to go through life being called "Lynn"!! The man replied that he would think on it and take care of it for me. I was very surprised to find on the bottom of this stone was inscribed "Affectionately Known As Max"!! It is perfect!!

We tried to pace our selves and actually did take a day now and then and simply stayed in our p.j.s and did nothing all day, but stitch. It was wonderful!! Most days we found some where to shop, shop and shop!!

Karen assisted Debra in packing seven full boxes to mail home to her self!!

Oh, one day we did do a day trip to a small town about twenty miles south of me. It is called LeClaire, Iowa. LeClaire is home base for the Pickr's of "American Pickers" on television. Karen's hubby had insisted on going there a few weeks prior so Karen knew exactly where it was.

I think there are pictures on Debra's cameras of it. When Karen was there previously she actually caught the "guys" home and they autographed the free poster they give all visitors their selves. Unfortunately, they had just left to vacation in Hiawaii and were not there the day we visited. Debra did get her hubby a few tee shirts, key chain and a poster!! He was thrilled with them!!

Debra originally was scheduled just to stay one week. However, soon after arriving and the three of us finding such good times together Debra extending her trip for a few extra days. Her entire time here was absolutely fabulous. I was very sad to see the day arrive that she HAD to return home. Karen drove to airport to take Karen back as Eunice had taken me down to pick her up. The airport is about a hour away from Clinton. I am not well at goodbyes and, as usual, I began the tears. I guess fortunately the cart had arrived to take Debra to her boarding gate and she was whisked away before I got too overly emotional. I can not tell you how lonely this home seems now. Karen has been so very good at making sure she stoops at some point each day especially since Debra's going home.

I am sure we will all get together again very soon!!

Love and Hugs!!



Meari said...

You gals had so much fun! That puppy is so cute. Very thoughtful of Debra to bring you all those wonderful gifts.

Nancy M said...

Looks like Debra really spoiled you with all those lovely teapot gifts!! And it sounds like you packed as much as you could into every day that you had together. Glad that everything worked out so well for all of you.