Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three Days, Two Nights............!! - Saturday, July 10, 2010

YES, today is number 41, I think, and counting!! I am not sure if these pictures ever got posted on my Blog as I am not good at dealing with UNPLEASANT MEMORIES!! I could not even get this picture rotated properly!!

Please reinforce with me everyone, "Three Days, Two Nights................
Any One Can Get Through These!!

Last year, Max surprised me with a birthday gift of a week's vacation in this one room shack!! For MY own birthday no less!! It was nothing short of the "Griswold's Vacation" and more like the "Markham Vacation To Hell"!! And, Max did not want to come home!! He reminded me, but yet he does not know it is a new day and time to change his underwear, that Eunice and I promised to take him back to this one room shack this year for a much shorter vacation perhaps even a few times during this summer!! And, the poor guy is constantly pacing, looking out the window, to see if Eunice might have come home from Chicago all last weekend and in to this week, so he might have an opportunity to go fishing!! I thought this is just a passing thought and he will give it up when he gets tired of it!! Nope, not this time!!

I kissed my garage floor upon re-entering my own home last June and I vowed "NEVER, NEVER, EVER AGAIN"!! Well, after hearing Max whine all week, I had a moment of temporary insanity upon his asking me just to "check and see if we might be able to get the rental cabin for even a day or two" yesterday and took a cancellation that had just come in!! OMG!! I am totally over the cuckoo's nest!!

I swear to God that every one gets their own favorite blankie and pillow, the clothes on their backs and munchies for three days and two nights!!
I will give in packing the baby gate only to save me from jumping up and down every time Mi decides she is on the lam again!!

Darn little Mi told Juanita she wanted to go out Wednesday as she arrived. Juanita did not know any better and let her out the gate just as I was arriving on the porch!! BRAKES EVERYONE!! Juanita and I began pursuit of her immediately while Max heard my screams and came out finally!! Mi had gotten down the length of our drive and to the curbing where the mail boxes are!! I thought my heart was coming out my chest!! All of a sudden, Max screams out, "get your black a$$ over here"!! Sort of, kind of, wrong pick of words Max!! My beloved Juanita is of the black race and so are several of our neighbors, many which are new and do not know us and now probably do not care to know us!!
No more than got Mi back onto the porch and she went straight for my potted plants and stuck her little hand and nose in them and threw a bit of dirt from each!! Yesterday, Mi again escaped from front door onto porch as church lady was taking Max to dialysis!! She did not get out the main gate, however, she went down the first stage of steps to upper courtyard and decided she would park her self there until her "Daddy" returned!! Do not think so Mi!! She has simply been full of the devil the past few days in the things she has found to amuse her self. I guess she is bored with the three huge baskets full of toys!! I am not hauling all those things down to the "shack" for three days!!

And, wait till I get some pictures taken of "every thing" I have stitched on this week. I am not sure, right off top of my mind, if there are seven, or if there are more!! I did start a surprise kit I found among all the other hundreds in these two stitching rooms full one day this week. It turned out to be a 40-COUNT Lizzie Kate!! What am I doing with a 40-Count any thing!!!!

I woke today thinking it was one horrendous nightmare until I saw Max's fishing equipment stacked along with his pillow and a few other things of his in the corner of my kitchen!! Do not think of leaving any thing until last few days - nope!! We will be packing, unpacking and re-packing for the next 41 days!! I have been here one time too many!! I just have to smile and think that the dialysis nurses will finally see Max at his finest as he will be as a caged animal wanting to escape their clutches that final day of dialysis on August 20!! Hopefully, I can sort of pack and re-pack while he is gone that day!! However, I will have to have every thing ready to go that day and most likely pick him up my self that particular day to begin our drive out to the river and get us set up by sunset!!

Yes, I have had a week comprised of several "moments of temporary insanities"!! Good Lord, what have I done??!!

Love and Hugs!!

This is me after a morning of some great catches!! Enlarge, there are some beauties of fish on there!! And, you should have seen the one that got away!!

See, I told you, I had some real fishies!!

This is our total bed on the right hand side of this one room cabin shack!! Right where our heads will be is the wall hiding the flushing toilet. Thank God for walls that hold flushing toilets in places like this!!
Mi recognizes little else, so you usually find her sitting right on top of the bed!!

The bed is to the right of this picture. The flushing toilet and vanity sink is behind this small wall. Towards the back is our entire kitchen area complete with microwave, however, no cook top or oven. Below the microwave is the refrigerator/freezer!! To the right of all this is a small aluminum sink with running hot and cold water!! Only slight problem is I do not allow any water to be run in this place as it smells far worse than some kind of "sulfur" smelling some thing!! Do you see the spacious and lovely cupboard in the middle?
And, just to left is our spacious dining room!! One stop living bed, dining table, furnished kitchen and spacious bathroom with flushing toilet!! What more could a person wish for!!

This is a reverse view of what you just saw above!! This is lovely loft area!! You just need to be a billy goat to be able to climb up there. See that slightly slanted board with slant to the left!! That is a wooden rung ladder that you simply just tip toe up!! Yeah Right!! It is a beautiful area up there with a lovely window that over looks the river and is a beautiful view at night, especially during full moon time. There is a great plenty of lovely mattresses of your choice stacked up on the right hand side of the loft for your sleeping pleasure!! Yeah Right!!
If you look through the trees you just about can see the river view!! And, here sits my Chevrolet Van in front of our home away from home!!
Welcome to Markhams' Vacation in Hell!!

I am so happy this will make Max happy!! It will hopefully erase the horrific Monday, Wednesday and Friday from his weeks for awhile with giving him some thing to look forward to!! I hopefully can find a piece os stitching, that will be so hard, that can take a bit of roughing it with me and hope my days pass very, very quickly. I am just in great hope and will be praying for the best of weather so Max can simply fish, fish, fish to his heart content!! I just hope he does not want to bring his catch home with him!! Last year, I caught all the fish, but then Max had to bait my pole, help me put my pole out in to the water and bring my pole in with a fish on it and he barely got me in to the water when he had to get up again and tend to me!! Thus, this year I hope to just stitch to my heart content while he does his fishing thing!! I am already going through withdrawals from knowing I am not taking a floor lamp with me and thus I will just have to get along with out it evenings!! This could end up paiful!!
Love and Hugs!!


Emily said...

Nice cabin, in a rustic sort of way. Not a camper either, how miserable you must have been.

Deborah said...

Oh, dear Emily you have no idea!!
It appears to look like a cute playhouse for like a five year old!! We are twelve miles into river area in no man's land!! Max is counting the days and marking them off our main calendar!!
Love and Hugs!!

Carolyn NC said...

Well, hope the vacation goes better this time than last! And at least it's a shorter time period. Good luck, my dear!

Meari said...

Hey, at least you have running water :) It looks like a cute cabin. I actually know people around here who have homes that their water smells like sulfer. Only 39 more days to go...

Nancy M said...

Well I can see you might be a little cramped, but 3 days and 2 nights has to be better than a week!! Hope you survive it again.

Deborah said...

I can do ANY THING for Three Days and Two Nights..........And, as dear friend, Kathy K. always points out, in finding good of any situation, by the time I get Max out of Dialysis on Friday afternoon and actually make the drive in to no man's land, it will be well into supper time!! Put Max in front of river's edge so I can watch him for about a hour and then into bed there goes day number one!! And, thank the good Lord, Max has quit smoking as of April 25, so I do not have to deal with going out for smoke breaks either!! Saturday will be long one and then off to bed - which is excruciating LONG night without a real bed - and there goes day number two!! Sunday is pack up and about a hour's putting Max back on the river's edge with fishing pole and then it will be time to make the drive back in to city!! Three days, two nights, EZ!!
Love and Hugs!!