Friday, April 16, 2010


Good Evening All!!

This is the total sum of months of digging and stacking to the ceiling and wall-to-wall of S T A S H!!

And, it is all going to be STASH TO GO!!

I have not begun to figure out how to list it and/or distribute it!! Any ideas? Wish I had better access to every one's Wish Lists!!

I only know I want it all GONE!!

I have dozens and dozens of pictures to post and things to tell, but I have not had a minute where I have felt up to it when I have had the time. Pretty much only had "down" time when I have not been feeling well the past several weeks!!

Debbie has truly been through almost every single inch of this home, including the entire lower level!! It is now "pretty much all up to me as it is almost all "my" stitchy things"!! Okie Dokie!! I have some moving and motating to get done!!

It is truly a tremendous, best of best, feeling to finally get caught up!!

These pictures are pretty much self explanatory!!

I have another update regarding my KUSTOM KRAFTS giveaway!!

Love and Hugs!!

Magazines!! Magazines!! Magazines!!

Magazines!! Magazines!! Magazines!!

Charts!! Charts!! Charts!! Charts!!
Yes, even that purse is to be stitched!!

Charts!! Charts!! Charts!! Charts!!


Meari said...

Holy cow, Deborah! Is all that i your spare room?

EvalinaMaria said...

Holy Molly, Deborah! I knew you are overflowing with stash but I had no idea... If I may suggest... make some surprise "bags for grabs" and sell them. Be honest with yourself, if you will not stitch it, sell it. I will be your first customer.

Nancy M said...

I agree with some grab bags. But please, please don't just give them away. You are way too generous and I can see that coming. People will be more than willing to pay for them AND cover your postage. Looks like you have just a "few" to send to new homes!! Good luck on figuring it all out. Hope you are feeling better!

Mel said...

Wow Deborah that is quite a bit.

I agree with the other ladies, try doing some selling grab bags or something first.
I think you have too many to giveaway, that is far too generous.
And I'm with Evalina I would definitely be interested in purchasing some!

Katrien said...

wow, Deborah, that is A LOT! As the others say, try to sell it.

Carolyn's Crafts said...

Holy Cow! That is the most stitching stuff I have ever seen in once place! I think more than my LNS! :)
hope you are well!