Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GOOD GRIEF - Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I do not ask for too much!! Why can I not just curl up in my stitching nest and just stitch any more?!!

I have been fighting my new home renovations for weeks now and am ever so close to finishing them. I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, with each, and every, one of them - well almost!! I do not like, no I honestly HATE draperies!!

I worked till I was ready to drop yesterday trying to finish up every thing I had here available for me to do!! I can not make up my mind on the bathroom curtains, shower curtains, rugs, etc. I am hedging on "toasted almond", but I do not plan on ever redoing any thing ever again!! Thus, I want to be absolutely sure positively!!

I had to hang the living room draperies yesterday. Kathy K. had called me for our afternoon chat and had very much tried to discourage me from trying this. I thought with my directing Max could do the actions!!
WRONG!! I attempted to make a few climbs, however, my legs screamed in worst pain I have had in awhile and reminded me do not do this stupid!! Thus, I thought if I got all the drapery hooks placed that Max could just put them in the traverse rod holes. I have a set of pinch pleated sheers and "silks supremes" to hook. I got most of sheer draperies done and was thinking we surely could do this job easily!! I then promptly run a drapery hook in the middle of my middle finger on my left hand to have it exit the top of my finger!! OUCH!! OUCH!! OUCH!! Not quite, I had some of the worst words I could ever imagine flow out profusely from me along with a whole lot of blood I was trying to keep off the draperies!! So much for stitching!!

This morning Miprezious had an appointment with a new Groomer. I had instructed Max to stay inside the home of the Groomer today so as Mi could get acquainted with the Groomer and we could evaluate if they got along well or not. I will not leave Mi any where she shows any apprehension at all!! Max can NOT drive any longer alone and honestly it is down right scary to ride with him!! I will gladly take world's worst roller coaster over ride with Max any where any more!! I gathered up my "Windows 7" instruction books and Max loaded them in the van. I planned on simply staying in the van and reading. As usual, Max did not pay any attention to me and promptly came outside after just dropping Mi and running!! I was very irate, but agreed to go to breakfast and come back for her!!

Max went in to pick her up and simply did not return. I had the worst feeling in pit of my stomach that I would be seeing the Paramedics pull up to this home as no one knew I was sitting outside in the van when he did not return. Soon, the Groomer and her assistant came out to the van with Mi and Max was sheeply following them. They promptly told me that Max had fallen down a goodly number of stairs as far as they could tell as they did not witness the full fall, but rather just Max rolling down the steps and onto the floor. The Groomer was just overwrought with fear Max had been severely hurt. Max simply kept saying all was okay until the Groomer and her assistant disappeared and then the complaining began and went on and on!! Evidently, Max did get hurt quite badly, but as of this evening, he still is in complain state and refuses to see a doctor!! Wait till about midnight when every thing always worsens for any one with any thing it seems!!

Thus, I am back to reading my "Windows 7" books tonight and simply staring at my stitching!! I am contemplating on how I can safely touch my fabric though and hope to get back to stitching very soon!! I have gotten through much worse stitching dilemas and will surely again.

I did call my "faux designer" who did the painting of my new rooms and she said she would be right over to assist me with my draperies this afternoon. After four hours she "Googled" on suggestions to handle traverse rods!! Followed suggestions step by step and she now has the drapery traverse rods in pieces across the living room. She went home about supper time with promise of returning first thing tomorrow morning to get this job done one way or another!! I can only hope!!

GOOD GRIEF, I am so glad this day is gearing down!! Tomorrow is a fresh and new day that I will rejoice in seeing come!!

Love and Hugs!!


Kathy said...

Oh my Deborah. I do hope your designer was able to finish up the drapes for you. Now for today you just sit and stitch and that's an order!! LOL

Got my LHN Needle and Thread yesterday. Thank you dear friend. I couldn't resist so I started it. I hope yours arrived too so we can SAL this one.

Talk to you later

Carolyn NC said...

Good heavens, Deborah! Be careful and let the designer finish it for you. Hope you like the finished look and stay safe.

Lyn said...


I am so glad that you didn't hurt yourself when you tried to deal with the curtains. Please be careful!

I will pray that Max's injuries from the fall are very minimal. You both need to be careful. Max sounds like a typical man!

Looking forward to seeing your stitching again!

Katrien said...

Oh Deborah, I hope nothing comes from Max's fall.
Just try to forget about the house renovations for a while, relax and stitch.

Wanda said...

Deborah, you never cease to amaze me. Hanging drapes? I am in awe!

How are things, otherwise. Email me sometime when you have a chance. Wanda in Edmonton