Friday, July 10, 2009


Good Evening to All:

I have a quite lengthy entry to night, but I truly do not have the words to express what I am really feeling!!

I have been on bed rest all week as I am having some problems the doctor simply says "Watch very carefully. Either some thing else will happen or a "bug" will run it's own course"!! Famous last words the last two times I found myself being rushed to emergency surgery during the night!! But, I do feel a bit better tonight and am hoping and praying the "bug" passed!!

I have been in total bed rest for approximately the last three days, but sort of feel like what ever it was has passed, I hope!!

Yesterday, I answered my telephone and heard the words Evalina Zamana and stopping by!! I got instantly very excited, but knew there was absolutely no time to do much than get me out of my night gown, run a brush through my hair and have Max get me seated comfortably on my new deck to wait for the expected visitor. I had already reasoned through my mind that Evalina would have been talking about an impending vacation long ago and I would have been notified if she was going to be any where in this area!! But, I was very groggy and confused!!

Soon a strange car pulled into our driveway and I certainly did not recognize her!! She was dressed very nicely and was very, very nice. At first, I just wanted to jump up and hug her and welcome her as I had thoughts now crossing my sleepy mind that it just might be Evalina!!

Well, I need to step back and give others a chance to catch up with this whole story as they deserve to understand every single part of this!! As most know, Rene is holding a new Hardanger Class which is just beginning. At first, you were required to sign up on the database and post a photograph of your supplies needed to complete the Hardanger Piece that was chosen for the class to do!! At the bottom of the Supplies List was "a supply of chocolate to calm nerves when we get to the point where you have to cut the Kloster blocks"!! I thought this funny, but knowing me it would just be some thing else that could cause a mess for me and get smeared on my endeared project so I stupidly omitted my supply of chocolate!!
However, on Evalina's Supplies Picture posting, she had all kinds of various very good and tasty looking chocolates!! At the time, I thought "I would have killed for that selection of chocolates pictured"!!

And, off we began Lesson One this past week of just making the outside row of Klooster Blocks!! Okay, some day this will be an extremely easy thing to set up and I will laugh when remembering all the troubles I had trying to get these blocks perfect!! I did not actually go in to the database to check, but it seemed to me that I was the only one not done with this week's assignment!! Shortly, Lisa N. posted she had not been able to finish either at that time and that she was going into the corner in shame!! I popped in and told her to move on over as I would be keeping her company as I was in shame also!! Not too long later, Evalina popped in and asked if there was room for her in Lisa's and my corner. I replied surely and we would be glad to make room for her if she brought the chocolate!! Well, in a bit longer time passing, I believe Lisa, Evalina and my self had a "brain fart" and the light bulbs went off and the three of us were able to leave "OUR" corner and go to it and got the Lesson One finished!! I kept thinking, I sure hope Evalina left the chocolates in "OUR" corner for "insurance" of the rest of the Lessons!! I had the feeling the three of us were going to become very good friends just from our collective corner times for this project!!

I had no more real worries except was I going to be able to go to "Our" corner of shame in time to at least drown our sorrows in chocolate and nuts, and ohhhhhhhhh luscious caramel!!

Well, I was in bed, following my doctor's orders to the tee this time. Any possible chance of another surgery does wonders for my behaviour in following doctor's orders!! My telephone rang and I answered it very groggily and only truly understood the words "Evalina Zamana" and "coming to visit"!! I immediately began to yell for Max to get me up and make me look a little bit better, but it was not pretty!! He placed me out on our deck as it was cool and a light breeze went across it!! Max continues to seal our inside of our house up equivalent to a bomb shelter so no cool air can get in no matter what. He runs around this home in his long winter underwear, two sets of sweats, and a jacket and cap!! He drives me crazy!! With my illness, it is some times been described best that you need to imagine all the blood in your entire body has been drained out and a lighter fluid has been replaced for this blood and then some one ignites the lighter fluid!! I literally feel that my body is in the middle of a bon fire and I am being burned to death 24 hours per day, seven days per week!! It is excruciating in pain and I am just hot, hot, hot!! Even in the winter nothing pleases me more than to wear my regular shorts and a light top with no shoes - flip flops if it is absolutely necessary for me to go outside!! This happens all through each of our bitter cold winters also. Thus, my front deck is the safest and coolest place in this entire home 99% of the time!! Thus, Max settles me into a lawn chair and I wait. Max kept asking who or what I was waiting for!! And, I honestly could not tell him, even though this very nice lady had told me exactly who she was and why she was coming by. I only retained Evalina and my home!! I honestly could not believe Evalina would have made her way to Iowa, of all places, from the Yukon without many days of discussion and telling every one of her plans!! I could recall nothing about her going any where!! So, I just decided to try to bring myself to being fully awake and waited!!

Soon, a very nice car, with an extremely well-dressed lady appeared in our drive way and she began the walk up the drive way. She was a very pleasant and friendly gal!!
Immediately, she began to explain why she was at my home and that she was just "representing" Evalina!! Now, I was thoroughly confused!! This gal, who introduced herself as Mary Kaster then handed me a lovely gift bag and proceeded to tell me it was for me from Evalina!! She also encouraged me to open it as soon as possible!! I reached in and I pulled out a nice big box of DeMet's Chocolate Caramel Turtles!! I so wanted to just taste one, but knew better with my stomach that day!! I then pulled out the most beautifully packaged "Satin Hands Pampering Set" from Mary Kay!! I have had cracked and rough hands for quite some time. This is a three set process that seems to just have to work!! I sure am going to begin trying immediately tomorrow morning as Mary was kind enough to explain exactly how you use this three step process. I truly feel this is just what I have been so badly needing for my hands!!

Above is a picture of the unopened bag Evalina had sent me all the way from the Yukon!!Above is the lovely gifts opened and arranged for display for every one to see!!
All I can say is I am sure going to invite Evalina in any "naughty corner" I find myself in!! It was very touch and go, if I actually was going to be able to post that I had completed the Lesson this morning. I had tried, but for some reason could not get the Lesson to Post!! I tried later today, while I was up and the Lesson printed just find to the Lesson Album!!
Hopefully, this was an omen that is telling me I will be able to get through this Hardanger Lesson and project with no more trials and tribulations!! However, if I do I sure know where those DeMet's Turtles are setting right now and every one has been notified they are Private Stock!! I may look for a mistake just to be able to take a chocolate break!!
After Evalina's friend left, I sat absolutely stunned!! I could never imagine any one doing any thing for any one so far away, much less to have some one do some thing so nice just for me so far away!!
Evalina, you are truly the best friend any one could have!! I am truly at a loss for words to know just how to say "THANK YOU" except to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this pure act of kindness and caring for me!! To care for some one you do not know all that well and have such a great amount of humor attached to it shows you care deeply about every one and every thing in this entire Group!!
I can come up with no other words, but THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVALINA ZAMANMA!! Your are truly one very great and caring lady with an incredible sense of humor!!
I love you very much Girlfriend!!
Love and Hugs!!


Meari said...

How thoughtful of her! I know you're absolutely enjoying your new gifts. :) Good luck on your hardanger class, Deborah.

Carolyn NC said...

How sweet! I'm so glad that you are able to "experience" Evalina's supply of chocolates now. Hope your hands feel much better and good luck with your class!

EvalinaMaria said...

You are very welcome girlfriend and thank you very much for your kind words and for accepting the gift. I'm so glad that I was able to put a smile on your face a make your day a little more interesting in a pleasant way. You just get better and stronger because some day when I come we will celebrate our friendship with a champagne and passion fruit.

Katrien said...

That was so sweet of Evalina.
Congrats on finishing your lesson, and good luck with the rest of the class, I know you can do it!

Nancy said...

That was pretty sneaky of her! A great way to give you a gift though. I hope you are resting and listening to the Dr. I hope you are enjoying your hardanger class and keeping up with Rene's lessons!!