Friday, July 18, 2008


It has been a beautiful day!! However, we are having the first of very severe heat waves!

I am just reflecting on this day, and deciding "can I go to sleep in my bed tonight, or do I need to put in a few more "x's"

Well, I had my first conversation with Miss Juliana today!! Of course, she is still reeling from the death of her 94-year old mother last week!! But, how does that go? "Necessity is.......................!!

I told her I had an entirely new option for her "to plant the seed of hope" that I can get her to come work for me!! I asked her "would she like to semi-retire"!! This lady works very hard at a local Nursing Home as a second shift Nurse's Aide!! I told her she would be ever so welcome to come to work for me and become a "companion" more than an aide!! I also assured her a legal contract protecting her should I pass before she is wanting to move on!!

I told Miss Juliana, I truly wanted her and would only take on additonal help presently as temps, until she had a chance to clear her mind and make a good decision to benefit both of us!

I do have another interview with LaTosha tomorrow morning!! I think this little gal may be a bit too young to have any thing in common with me, but I want to exhaust all effort trying to make good decisions and get some help that will stay!!

Although, with no longer having "Mr. Fire" in home, quicker than I "can hire" is hopefully going to make a BIG difference!

We had a very laid back day, with just interviews and picking up here and there!! I have some major hours to hopefully spend on my "Stitching Sanctuary"!!

Well, this is NOT that interesting a Blog, so let's spice it up with the new additions to my already much, much too large "rotation"!! I have finishing my first "Spring" Biscornu done first in the lead although!!

I have my ANEMONES BISCORNU, CHINA BLUES, CHERRY PIE and newest DOLLHOUSE all to add!! Now, just to decide fabric!!

Love and Hugs,

Deborah and Miprezious


Meari said...

Good luck with your search for the perfect in-home aide, Deborah. I love the pic of you at the top of your blog :)

Nancy said...

Deborah!!!! I love your photo at the top, so glad you posted that. I guess that Max has left now??? I hope you have found the perfect aide and companion you have been needing for so long. Lovely new patterns! And great job on stitching the flatfold piece too!